Early stage investor Uniiq, invests in Kaminari Medical

Uniiq, the South Holland investment fund has invested €300,000 in Kaminari Medical for the further development of our imaging technology .

Jeroen Kodde, CEO of Kaminari Medical: “The investment from UNIIQ makes it possible for us to further develop our catheter for eventual use in patients. We have shown in the laboratory that the system works and we are now taking steps to improve the detection of these high-risk plaques in the clinic and, of course, their treatment.”

Momentum fund closure supports Kaminari Medical

NLC -The European Healthtech Venture Builder has closed Momentum – a € 2.2 mln fund for private investments -within a month. This fund will be invested in 11 innovative healthtech ventures from NLC’s portfolio including Kaminari Medical. With this new way of funding, investors can easily spread their money and hence their risk, and at the same time build up a broad portfolio of startups.